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[ Zonez: Syncing Space and Technology with Users ]

Zonez manufactures and installs office privacy pods, privacy phone booths and soundproof conference room spaces for visual and acoustical privacy that flex to meet your individual requirements.

We made Space 4.0 – the seamless UX -real.  Today.  Follow the cute design ideas of others focused on Space 3.0 (the open office) – or create mind-blowing user experiences.  Zonez is building Space 4.0 today.  It’s the AgileHood™.

4′ x 4′ FreeZonez
Acoustic Privacy Built In
Ventilation Exhaust Fan
Wireless Charging Station
Moves with Ease

6′ x 6′ FreeZonez
Acoustic Privacy Built In
Integrated Ventilation
Wireless Charging Station
Moves with Ease

8′ x 12′ EndZonez
Tempered Windows
Three Levels of Privacy
Outlets with Two-USB Charge Ports

[ Zonez makes agile tangible in the AgileHood™ ]


Zonez didn’t invent the idea of creating common areas, third spaces, areas for focused work, collaboration zones, video call booths, or any of the other great terms used to define and articulate specialized activity zones that go beyond the desk but Zonez does understand how to help you identify these special areas in your facilities that we like to call zonez and spaces beyond the desk.

Zonez makes agile tangible in the AgileHood™.  Working in office neighborhoods that include sound-killing Zonez phone booths and meeting rooms makes being at work a productive experience.  Zonez doesn’t just talk “agile”, we build AgileHood™ into everything we do.  Helping you be agile.  It’s an attitude.  It’s why we do what we do.

Commercial interiors are consumed with resi-mercial, benching and dumb spaces they call privacy booths and meeting rooms.  Users just want to connect with their data and their collaborator 1,000 miles away.  They want their phone to automatically connect with their videoconference tool while it is charging wirelessly so they can work instead of worrying about their signal and connection.  They don’t want to hunt for a space, and they don’t want to be crammed into an 11SF skinny fishbowl just to get a little privacy.

So, Zonez is focused on Space 4.0.  We design around what users really want, and we do it without them having to think about how to use it.  We design Space 4.0 around the technology and the user, not the other way around.  We customize the experience based on your culture, your needs, the level of agility you practice.  We make the technology integration simple for everyone, and we make moving the spaces a piece of cake.  AgileHood™ is a generation past the open office.

What is unusual about Zonez, is that we actually offer real-world solutions to these needs.  We aren’t limited to one or two product construction systems or materials to create solutions – we work with what we have, and then we go find solutions to what we need.  Take a look at how Zonez offers solutions such as Private Office Phone Booths, Soundproof Privacy Pods, Conference Rooms, Enclosed Private Work Spaces that don’t require an IPO or sophisticated loan instrument to obtain.  We get it.

You pick the size and level of acoustical performance you need – we’ll build it in one of our facilities in California, Tennessee or Texas, and ship in 3-4 weeks.  Install in 1-4 hours.  Practical solutions for the AgileHood™.  From Zonez.

“The digital age only knows two speeds: fast, and faster”

See How Fast Our Zonez Booths Assemble with ease!


[ Zonez doesn’t just talk “agile”, we build AgileHood™ into everything we do. ]


The digital age only knows two speeds: fast, and faster. Got it. You don’t have 16 weeks to wait for a phone booth to support your team. A construction project that is counted in months just to add a meeting space is at odds with a warp-speed world. Good news from Zonez – the longest you will wait for our products to arrive will be four weeks from the day we acknowledge the order.


It would be a lot less work to create an absolutely soundproof phone booth or meeting room. Reality says that is not always what is needed. If you only need a moderate level of acoustic reduction, why should you pay for a high level? Each work zone in your facility brings different needs and requirements, which is why we offer more than one or two solutions to select from.


We’re not going to bombard you with 20-page reports to prove we are on the green team. Our products and business practices can speak for themselves. We use aluminum for structure that is recycled and recyclable. We use core materials that are recycled and recyclable. We use noise reduction materials made from recycled water bottles that can be recycled again and again.